Innovations for business are new processes, products, and concepts that are innovative and beneficial. While some innovations are the result of the flash of a genius, most are the result of a meticulous exploration of ideas to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

A successful business needs to be able to innovate to maintain its competitive advantage and expand. It can be difficult to find and pursue new opportunities. This article provides an overview of new ideas and outlines how to spot them in your business.

There are two main categories of innovation: sustain and disrupting. Continuous innovation makes your product or service more effective and efficient over time. Disruptive innovation, on contrary, changes the way that businesses are run, creating new markets or disrupting existing ones.

To recognize innovation opportunities, you must think beyond the obvious. Many innovations result of a combination of factors like unexpected events and oddities. Novocaine, a type of anesthetic commonly used in surgery, was originally intended for major procedures, such as Amputations. However, dentists have embraced it.

Consumer trends may also provide new opportunities for innovation. For example companies have come up with new ways to provide more sustainable products in response to consumer demand. This has resulted in companies like Dyson expanding to hand dryers and Loomia embedding technology into wearable fabrics. You might also be able identify innovation opportunities by changing the way you view a problem. Managers, for example, have historically viewed demographic changes as an insidious threat to business. However, in today’s fast-changing market, changes in demographics can be a source of innovation opportunities.